Corn hearts with nacho cheese flavour

An attractive shape, crunchy personality and nacho cheese charm. This combination makes our nacho cheese hearts the true queen of crunch. Don’t resist. Give in to temptation.

Crunchy sticks

Yes, they’re an absolute classic. Classically long. Classically crunchy. Classically salty. Classic finger food. Like the sound of classic vinyl records: it’s the crackle you’ve been craving.

Corn twists with BBQ flavour

These crunchy devils unleash a whirlwind of BBQ flavour and fiery sensations. No party is too hot for them. They’re like the DJ that keeps the party going all night. Just don’t forget to share.

Corn balls with nacho cheese flavour

A crispy party classic, golden and round like the sun. Our cheese balls deliver that taste explosion you’ve been looking for. Tear open the bag and feel the energy of cheese.

Corn balls with sour cream and onion flavour

Sour cream and onion is a spectacular combo on its own, but now we’ve packed it into a ball of intense flavour – get ready for a shockwave of crunchiness. Imagine an ordinary ball, but bursting with sour cream and onion.

Corn balls with ketchup flavour

For the rest of the world, red means stop – but not for ketchup balls. For these little guys, red means the party’s about to start! Don’t wait. Get your crunch on like there’s no tomorrow!